Metropolitan Kansas City's
Long-Range Transportation Plan

Amending the Plan

Opportunities for public involvement in regional transportation planning do not stop with the adoption of the long-range transportation plan. Transportation Outlook 2040 will continue to evolve as additional needs are identified. Amendments may be made to the plan as projects are modified, or as new projects, funding, programs or transportation legislation arise. In addition, MARC is federally required to complete a major update of the long-range transportation plan at least every five years.

Jim Hubbell, Principal Planner
Mid-America Regional Council
600 Broadway, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64105

List of Amendments:

Amendment #1 - Download the PDF»

Add Project #3014: I-435/State Avenue Interchange

Project Details:

Add Project #3015: I-70/I-435 Interchange

Project Details:

Modify Project #3009: I-435/MO-210 Interchange

Project Details:

Amendment #2

Amend Project #330: Lone Elm Road from Old 56 Highway to 151st Street

Project Details:

Amendment #3

Amend project #160: I-435 from KS State Line to I-49 (Phase 1)

Project Details:

Amend project #3007: I-435 from KS State Line to I-49 (Phase 2)

Project Details: