Metropolitan Kansas City's
Long-Range Transportation Plan

JO buses at the Lamar Transit Center in Mission

Community Outreach

MARC transportation and research staff conducted more than 100 presentations and discussions with a variety of community organizations, civic groups, local governments and the general public from late 2008 through 2010. Staff provided an overview of Transportation Outlook 2040 and talked with attendees about transportation challenges, needs and goals, opportunities in their communities, and — later in the process — growth and development scenarios.

  Group Date Notes
  Leawood Chamber of Commerce/EDC 11/21/2008 Summary (pdf)
  Miami County 12/2/2008 Summary (pdf)
  Central Exchange 12/11/2008 none
  Kansas City, Mo., planning staff 12/11/2008 Summary (pdf)
  North Kansas City Rotary 12/12/2008 Summary (pdf)
  Kansas City Area Transportation Authority Board 1/21/2009 none
  Lenexa City Council 1/27/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Cass County 2/12/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Smithville Rotary Club 2/26/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Postcards to the Future children's activity (Plaza Library) 2/27/2009 Images
  American Instititute of Architects - Kansas City 2/28/2009 Summary (pdf)
Trends (pdf)
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  Kansas City Neighborhood Advisory Council 4/7/2009 none
  Shepherd's Center of Raytown 4/24/2009 Summary (pdf)
  American Public Works Association 4/29/2009 Summary and trends (pdf)
  Coalition of Hispanic Organizations 5/1/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Shepherd's Center of the Northland 5/8/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Postcards to the Future children's activity (Bridging The Gap's EarthFest) 5/9/2009 none
  American Society of Civil Engineers 5/12/2009 none
  Communities Creating Opportunities at the KC Urban Youth Center 5/13/2009 none
  MARC Commission on Aging 5/13/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce 5/14/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Wyandotte/Leavenworth Counties Transportation Study Committee 5/18/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Local Investment Commission 5/18/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Bridging The Gap 5/19/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Sierra Club of Kansas City, South Metro Opposition Coalition 5/20/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Olathe Chamber of Commerce / City Commission / Planning Commission 5/26/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce 5/28/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Northland Chamber of Commerce 6/11/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Sierra Club 7/14/2009 Summary (pdf)
  Shawnee Public Works Department 7/21/2009 none
  Blue Valley Rotary Club 8/18/2009 none


Growth scenarios presentations

The following discussions focused on growth and land-use scenarios for Transportation Outlook 2040.

  Group Date
  Air Quality Forum 10/13/2009
  City of Kansas City, Mo., Green Solutions Team 10/23/2009
  Environmental Protection Agency - Region 7 10/29/2009
  City of Kansas City, Mo., Infrastructure and Planning and Zoning Committees 11/5/2009
  Johnson County Board of County Commissioners 11/12/2009
  Kansas City Design Center 12/3/2009
  Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Transportation Committee 12/3/2009
  Leavenworth County Board of Commissioners 12/7/2009
  Linking Environmental and Transportation Planning Advisory Group 12/7/2009
  Northland Chamber of Commerce 12/10/2009
  First Suburbs Coalition 12/11/2009
  Managers' Roundtable 12/11/2009
  Urban Land Institute - Kansas City 12/15/2009
  Wyandotte County leadership 12/17/2009
  City of Overland Park 1/4/2010
  American Institute of Certified Planners 1/8/2010
  Clay County Commission 1/11/2010
  Kansas City Chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers 1/14/2010
  City of Raytown Board of Aldermen 1/19/2010
  Johnson County Parks and Recreation District Board and Staff 1/20/2010
  Design Alliance / AIA-Kansas City 1/21/2010
  Mayors' Caucus 1/22/2010
  Three Trails Community Improvement District 1/25/2010
  Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Energy, Environment, and Sustainability Initiative 1/26/2010
  Johnson County Planning Commission 1/26/2010
  First Suburbs Coalition 1/27/2010
  Kansas City Area Transportation Authority Board 1/27/2010
  Civic Council of Greater Kansas City 1/28/2010
  City of Raymore Planning Commission 2/2/2010
  Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, Government Affairs Committee and Board of Directors 2/4/2010
  City of Edgerton City Council Work Session 2/4/2010
  Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee 2/8/2010
  City of Gladstone City Council Study Session 2/8/2010
  City of Olathe City Council Study Session 2/9/2010
  Missouri Business Retention Council 2/11/2010
  First Suburbs Coalition 2/12/2010
  Managers' Roundtable 2/12/2010
  Leawood Chamber of Commerce 2/12/2010
  American Public Works Association 2/16/2010
  Partnership for Community Growth & Development Board of Directors 2/17/2010
  City of Leavenworth public meeting 2/17/2010
  South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce 2/17/2010
  Platte County Commission 2/18/2010
  American Institute of Certified Planners 2/19/2010
  Cities of Mission, Merriam, Prairie Village, Fairway, Westwood and Roeland Park 2/19/2010
  Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Board 2/22/2010
  City of Merriam City Council 2/22/2010
  City of Lenexa City Council, Planning Commission and Economic Development Council 2/23/2010
  Johnson County Chamber Presidents 2/25/2010
  Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City 2/26/2010
  American Institute of Certified Planners (Kansas City Design Center) 2/26/2010
  Civic Council of Greater Kansas City 3/8/2010
  Air Quality Forum 3/9/2010
  Sierra Club 3/9/2010
  Aviation Advisory Committee 3/11/2010
  City of Independence Council Study Session 3/22/2010
  Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors Board of Directors, Commercial Board and Government Affairs Committees 3/25/2010
  University of Kansas MPA Students and Alumni (KU Edwards Campus) 3/29/2010
  University of Missouri - Kansas City 4/12/2010
  City of Bonner Springs, Kan., City Council 4/12/2010
  Mid-America GIS Consortium chief information officers 4/20/2010
  City of Independence, Mo., City Council study session 4/26/2010
  City of Grandview Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission and Parks Commission 5/5/2010